Year: 2012
Assignment: concept development, design, manufacturing and installation
Location: Guadalajara and Mexico City
Status: touring

The idea of building a piece of art-object began with the premise of designing a dominant element in which the new LED products of General Electric (GE) could be shown. The whole volume and its parts come out from a handicraft work. There aren’t any prefab elements, everything has been designed on purpose so it can be installed and uninstalled in order to place it just about anywhere. To build a box-packing of a light bulb seemed to us to be ideal to exhibit lighting equipment. Surprising and invasive, it is possible to actually go inside it to know what General Electric is doing. The ‘covering’ of the packing is visually strong from the outside. Graphic ambiance was co-developed along with Estudio Jamaica and the Graphic Designer Dafne Gutierrez.